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20/07/09 - Pictures of Seun Kuti + Egypt 80 live at the Jazz CLub in London - 29 JUNE 09 - photo © Ugochi Nwaogwugwu

23/06/09 - 36 pics of Seun Kuti + Egypt 80 @ la Fete de la musique in Bruxelles - 20/06/09 (Place des Palais) in Kmeron's Flickr

10/06/09 - 2 page comic strip illustrating the track "Many Things" by Maurizio Ribichini :

This comic stric will be published in the italian music magazine "Il Mucchio Selvaggio" july 2009 issue.
click the image to see full size
These files are shared for free on condition that you mention the source and give credit as follows : [Maurizio Ribichini :]

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02/06/09 - Pictures of the european tour : 2 nice photos of SEUN during the concert in Nijmegen, Holland, june 1st 2009 during the Music Meeting Festival on tomdegoeij Flickr


And 3 photos I took during the show in Cergy Pontoise on 27 may 2009 (I'm not a pro but I'd like to show them any way, there actually taken from the video you can see on the videos page ;)


25/05/09 - Pictures of the european tour that just started : two very nice pics of SEUN during the concert in Spain, Galaicia (Auditorio de Pontevedra) on may 23rd : see the Flickr page of Duck Jameson


Some photos of Seun live in Dakar on february 27 th 2009 -add 24/03/2009

here :

and here :


Some photos of Seun in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso (2009)

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Le BlonBa, Bamako, MALI - February 7th 2009 photo © Squarzoni Caroline

Photograph : Squarzoni Caroline


Le Chabada, Angers, France - October 15th 2008 - photo © alan pazlar

Check out the video : on the video page.

Very nice photos on Le Chabada's website :


Universal Hall, Skopje, Macedonie, May 29th 2008 - photo © Gjorgji Ristoski -added 26/03/2009

Gjorgji Ristoski myspace :

Gjorgji Ristoski flikr gallery :

Event link :


Le Bataclan, Paris, France - may 26th 2008 - photo © alan pazlar

Check out the video : on the video page.


BeBop Festival, LeMans, France - november 27th 2007 - photo © alan pazlar



Photos of the Brussels concert

Some nice photos of the Brussels concert on TROPICALIDAD's website, there is also a video. (not in english)

Photos of the Bikini concert

Lot of nice photos of the Bikini concert by Laurent Smadja.

Paradiso, Amsterdam, September 29th 2008

Photos and videos of Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 at the Paradisio -The Shrine - "The Unofficial Website for Fela Kuti, Femi Kuti and Afrobeat Music"

Very nice black and white photos :



Concert back in 2006 - fmm sines :