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13/03/2014 -

SEUN KUTI is a committed artist. Nothing surprising since Seun is the son of FELA ANIKULAPO KUTI who invented Afrobeat by mixing African rhythms and melodies with American Jazz and Funk, whereupon he lay texts almost exclusively to denounce social injustice , and political and international corruption... Backed by Pan-Africanism, his speech encourages the emancipation of Africans by the denunciation of corruption at all levels. So here very briefly the stage is set. Seun took over first and foremost with THE BAND!... EGYPT 80 ! The last band of his father. Then the message is modernized (necessarily) but the foresight of FELA shines through the message Seun diffuses with powerfull, roots yet modern and always engaged AFROBEAT tracks . Each concert begins with a FELA cover in tribute to his father. There are many books about FELA that allow you to understand his message and his particularly extraordinary life (a simple visit to wikipedia will provide a minimum of info) ; but first one should listen to his music. The FELA page, shows an extraordinary discography of fifty albums, sonic and political masterpieces. Here is a link to his discography where you can stream or purchase tracks and albums in the format of your choice:

Now SEUN KUTI is releasing his third album, the first single "IMF" is already on the tube - see the video lyrics below. Very committed and very direct. One should know that Seun lives in Lagos, Nigeria's capital, one of the largest African country, the most populous, the largest oil producer, yet terrible inequalities hold a majority of the population in unacceptable living conditions.

Seun and his band tour Europe & Australia from March to June 2014 ; all dates are here :

a SEUN KUTI & EGYPT 80 concert is always a joyful event. Be there or Be square ;)



26/02/2014 - More links to download and listen to the new album

cover : CD

iTunes : AAC, MP4

Google Play : MP3

Qobuz : FLAC, MP3

Deezer : MP3, stream

Spotify : stream


23/02/2014 - A Long Way To The Begining

new official page & mailing list entry:


Qobuz :

iTunes :


from official FB


from official FB

official facebook :

official youtube :

official twitter :



18/02/2014 - IMF video lyrics + links + NEW ALBUM tracklist

KFR promo link : (image Hi-Res & interview)

Planete Aurora : (info + tour dates)

NEW ALBUM Tracklist:

1. IMF
2. African Airways
3. Higher Conciousness
4. Ohun Aiye
5. Kalakuta Boy
6. African Smoke
7. Black Woman




16/01/2014 - New album




Seun Kuti's third album will be released on febuary 24th 2014 and is titled "A Long Way To The Beginning"

Connect to his youtube channel to keep up to date






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